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  Laptop Printers

Laptop printers are everywhere it seems.  In the office, in the home, in the car, at the bank, in subway stations, in airports, in schools, in your local golf starter shack and even in some peoples kitchen. 

They exist because there will always be a need for printing out a hardcopy of reports, spreadsheets or notes you have taken on your computer.  Sometimes while surfing on the Internet you come to a website and just have to have a hardcopy printout of that web page for whatever reason.


No one and I mean no one can own a computer laptop or desktop today and not need to print something out on a printer.  It boils down to if you have a laptop computer, you need to have one or two laptop printers.  Laptop printers out sale laptop computer sales every year.  So when shopping for a laptop computer you should also budget for one of the many laptop printers.

Cool Tip:  It has been my experience that refurbished printers are nothing but trouble.  Stay clear of them at all cost.  Always shop for new laptop printers.

Laptop printers - Computer printerLaptop Printers hp inkjetHere is a brief guide if you are in the market for a computer printer for your laptop or desktop computer. One major factor you should keep in mind while choosing a printer is the cost of ink cartridges and ink refills.  Even in the short term ownership of your computer printer you will end up spending more dollars for the ink cartridges and ink refills than for the actually printer itself.  I know hard to believe right.  Not really. 


Laptop printers - Computer printer Cool Tip:  Laser printers will save you money in the long run.  The ink will last you longer. The part I like: They do not take forever to print your page. 


Owning one of the many flavors of laptop printers is like owning a car.  When the gas tank reads empty you have to buy gas so it will keep running.  When your printers ink cartridge reads empty you have to buy more ink to keep it running as well or it will no longer print.

Ownership of a computer printer is not cheap. However, buying a good quality printer can normally be a low cost purchase. A color ink jet printer can be found for around $50.00 - $200.00. Even a black and white laser printer these days can be picked up for as low as $99.95. They normally all come with a limit amount of ink to printout around 1000 hard copies before having to buy ink.

Laptop Printers Samsung ML205 Laser PrinterCool Tip: When buying a printer always check to see how much it will cost you for a ink cartridge refill.  These little expensive items vary in cost from printer to printer.  Some will last longer and give you more hardcopy printouts than others.  So be sure to figure in the cost of a ink cartridge refill when determining the over all cost of a printer. 





Cool Tip: When it comes to a nice laptop printer and you want the best of both worlds than buy a color laser.  However, they can be expensive.


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