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Cheap Laptop Batteries (Part 2)

Be sure to act on these alarms when they get trigger by low battery juice. Take action quickly, like saving your documents and data files you have open. Close out of all programs and do an orderly laptop shutdown and power off. Than recharge your battery and plug your laptop into some AC power before powering back up to Windows.




Laptop batteries - Notebook battery - Charger for laptop batteries Tips and suggestions about laptop Batteries:

  • It is smart to own more than one battery. Have a spare one fully charged on standby. This way when you go on a plane or road trip and your laptop battery dies, just pop in your fully charged spare from your laptop toting case.  
  • Always grab your A/C power cord plug/ battery charger wherever you go. Try not to forget and leave it plugged in next to your desk at home or the office. You never know when you might need to do a battery recharge.  
  • The lifetime of a good quality laptop battery is around 720 charges. So get a spare one for the unexpected.  
  • A laptop battery is no different than a regular AA battery. You can buy a new one and it can be defective and will not keep a charge. Read the battery guarantee from the retailer carefully before purchasing it. Make sure they will replace it at no charge.  
  • I always use the power management features in Windows so my battery will stay charged longer. You should too.  
  • Be green and recycle old laptop batteries. 
  • Power Saving Settings:  Setting a Stand By timeout for 15 minutes may be great in the office, but on the road you may want to adjust those times a little lower. 





Some "it could happen " ideas about laptops and laptop batteries.

Laptop batteries - Notebook battery - Charger for laptop batteriesThe other day I sat around my house and thought about laptop batteries. I know you would think I had better things to do. However, some thoughts occurred to me and I decided to put them up here.

  1. Why not make and market a "Green" laptop. One that has the back lid made out of a solar panel. This way it runs on sunlight most of the time. Laptop battery at night and solar power during daylight hours.
  2. Could we one day see laptops powered by a small version of a fuel cell like the big versions they have on the space station or in some test cars.
  3. How about a laptop battery that is charged by a hand crank. Hmmm...
  4. A laptop battery that hangs remotely on your pants belt or in your pocketbook. A small cable plugs into your laptop. This way there is no battery in the laptop and is 40 percent lighter to carry.
  5. No laptop batteries at all. Hmmm....not sure how to pull this one off. Maybe idea six could help with this one.
  6. A laptop that runs off the electricity of the human body. You hold the laptop in your hands and it is powered by your own bodies electricity. Now how cool would that be!
  7. A laptop battery that is the size of your thumb.
  8. A Laptop and/or Netbook runs forever. No battery needed. I like this one!

Of course let it me known that all my ideas and thoughts are copyrighted forever. :)

Thats it for now folks. There is only so much I can say about batteries.


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