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Cheap Laptop Batteries

Laptops Will Die Without Them!

laptop batteriesGive me laptop batteries or give me death.  That is exactly what will happen if you don't have a good strong top of the line laptop battery in your Laptop.  It will die a very quick death, at the most unexpected time.  Like when you need to get a report completed before you meet with your boss for a meeting in 10 minutes.  Or while in the middle of your business  class and the notes you are typing on your Laptop are for your final in one week.

Laptop batteries - Notebook battery - Charger for laptop batteriesCool Tip: A weak or dead laptop battery can have you suspect you have other problems with your laptop.  When you have laptop problems, check your laptop battery first before you go crazy.

Lets face it, without strong good quality laptop batteries in your Laptop you are not mobile.  You will be forever permanently attached by a short hard wire to an electrical outlet. 

You might just as well give your laptop away to your worst friend and purchase a desktop!  I know for us laptop lovers that can be a very dirty word to speak out loud.  But hey, I promise I will never used that word desktop  again in this article....woops...LOL...ok I promise...never again!  Let us face the truth, laptop batteries are what keeps the data bits traveling around inside your laptop.  Laptops will die without them.

Laptop batteries - Notebook battery - Charger for laptop batterieslaptop batteriesIf you are planning to replace your laptop computer battery.  The one that will no longer keep a charge for very long - or thinking about a backup battery for your laptop they can be costly.  I have discovered that no name, no brand laptop batteries work well.  They perform just as well as brand named laptop batteries and last just as long.  Did you know that all laptop batteries are made in the same few factories in China.  Just different brand names are stamped on them before they are shipped. 




How smart is your laptop? 

Smart battery technology in what is installed in most laptops these days. How it works is that your laptop can be configured to tell you when your battery is about to die.  The way to configure it is to set up two warning alarms on your laptop.  One for low battery juice and one for critical low battery juice.  When you set them up, you get to decide on the percentage of juice left before the alarm goes off.  Pretty cool is it not ? I just love smart technology that works for me and not against me.  Life is good when this happens.  Anyway, you set these up in your Control Panel Settings under "Power Options".

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