What is Bluetooth? What is Bluetooth Definition?

What is Bluetooth? Tell me more about Bluetooth definition. How does Bluetooth work?  These are good questions to ask. Bluetooth definition is all about wireless technology.  It allows digital devices to easily transfer files at high speeds.  You will find Bluetooth definition in many portable devices such as laptops, mobile phones, cell phones and PDAs.



bluetooth definition This all means that you can go wireless on all your portable devices through bluetooth technology. That's right, your cell phone, your mp3 player and just about anything else that is connected to your laptop computer can be wireless. Don't let the Bluetooth definition throw you too much.  


What about Personal Area Network PAN?

Another part of Bluetooth technology is a personal area network. PAN for short. This emerging technology will enable wearable computer devices to communicate with other nearby computers and exchange digital information. This means that you will be able to hold a mp3 player next to your laptop computer and your laptop will talk to it. Or just about any personal area network technology enable device. Such as your cell phone or PDA. This of course is all done wirelessly too. Is this cool or what? Sorry, but I do get excited about cool technology like personal area network PAN. Ok, to continue on. When a Bluetooth device is close to a laptop, the computer will recognize it and start using it within seconds.





More about BlueTooth

There are two popular categories of Bluetooth: Class 1 and class 2. The cheaper and most common standard is Class 2. Class 2 allows a device to be connected from 32 feet away. Class 2 is less common and more expensive but allows connections up to 320 feet way. By the way, did you know that Bluetooth technology was introduced back in 1999? It has proven to be safe and easy to use.

bluetooth definition Unlike other wireless technology Bluetooth is built right into Bluetooth enable laptop computers and portable devices. You will not need to buy anything extra. Either the device is Bluetooth enable or it is not. More computers and portable devices that you buy are Bluetooth enable these days.  Always get a bluetooth laptop computer.  When you are about to buy a new computer or portable device make sure it supports Bluetooth. Always get a bluetooth laptop computer. If it does not, don't buy it!


You can make your old laptop computer support Bluetooth. Just buy a USB to Bluetooth adapter. You can even get a bluetooth PCI card if your old laptop computer has a spare PCMCIA slot.

The great thing about Bluetooth technology is that Bluetooth connects to anything Bluetooth enable. Have you ever seen someone talking out loud to themselves? Then you noticed a black funny ear piece hanging from their ear. Well, that is the perfect Bluetooth definition being shown to you live. Their cell phone is either in their pocket or purse. They are talking on their cell phone wirelessly. Today you can even make phone calls wirelessly using Bluetooth technology in cars. I am talking about the cars that have a computer in them that will make a phone call via your voice request. Life is becoming Bluetooth enable everywhere you look today. So isn't it time you go Bluetooth?


bluetooth definition Here are a few Bluetooth Definition facts:

  • The name Bluetooth comes from Harald Bluetooth, he was a king in Denmark more than 1,000 years ago. So names never stop being popular.  
  • Bluetooth technoloyg signals are wireless but will travel only for short distances  
  • Bluetooth is best suited for cell phones at the present time. But is gaining ground in the computer world.  
  • A simple Bluetooth Definition is: low power radio signal   communications to wirelessly link phones, computers and other network devices over very short distances.