Laptop Cases and Laptop Bags


Laptop cases today are a must have computer accessory if you own a computer laptop (notebook).  Sure a computer laptop can take a lot of beating within reason but a laptop case will greatly improve your chances of not breaking it after an accidental drop.  Besides, a laptop computer bag is consider very cool today.  Laptop cases or laptop bags enables you to also make a fashion statement.  It can tell others a little about who you are with the right designed laptop case or laptop bag. So express yourself with a really cool looking laptop case or laptop bag.

Laptop Cases and Laptop BagsCool Tip:  A computer laptop is only made of plastic with very little metal.  One good drop from a foot or two can do some serious damage to an expensive laptop. So walk carefully while toting. 


Cool Tip: Get a laptop bag and protect it from the damaging rigors that happen outside the safe environment of your home.

This is where good quality laptop cases will come in for the rescue if dropped unexpectedly. Who wants to purchase another laptop because it broke into a thousand parts after being dropped or after your pet dog thought it was a square dog bone? Ok, nothing against dogs, they are smart creatures but sometimes they do get hungry! ...LOL

Laptop Cases TargusEveryday more and more students, business community, athletes, teenagers, mothers and gamers are toting their computer laptops everywhere they go these days.  Laptop cases can be a mix of security, crush protection, durability and style all roll up into one very sharp and stylish looking tot bag.  Of course rather you want style or/and durability or a mix of both is up to you.  So when shopping for a laptop case keep in mind function and fashion. 

The interior of a laptop case is normally well padded and comes with up to seven external pockets just on the flap itself and three or four interior pockets for all your personal stuff like pens and writing tablets.  Normally the pockets are fastened down well with Velcro or zipped enclosures.  And by the way you can fit up to a 17" laptop into them comfortably. 

Cool Tip: When looking for a computer laptop bag or case keep fashion in mind.  If you are wearing a three piece black suit and the bag is made from blue jean will be seen as having no taste in fashion. 



Protect your laptop gear from the elements with a really cool looking laptop case.  The days of drab looking laptop cases are gone.  There is no reason for you to look like a computer geek or a guy from the 1950's toting around a black suitcase with buttons.  Designer laptop cases come in variety of colors and styles that can be found at most quality online bag stores.


Laptop Cases and Laptop BagsSome of the leading laptop bags and laptop cases are designed by some of the leading designers in the business.  There is Alpha, Acme Made, Casauri, Crumpler Gina B, Kipling, Oakeley ,Tumi, Targus and Samsonite just to name a few. Of course the prices will vary greatly between brands.  Plastic leather laptop cases are far cheaper than real leather laptop cases and will of course cost you less.  Laptop cases will run you between $59.95 - up to $1000.00.  Don't ask what the $1000.00 case is made of!  You would not believe me if I was to tell you. Here is a hint:  it is not made of gold. 



Cool Tip: Don't carry your laptop, tote it in a laptop bag.