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Cheap Computer Monitors

Here is a brief guide to choosing good standalone cheap computer monitors. A lot of people like to have a standalone computer monitor for their laptop. This enables them to have a 19" or 20" cheap computer monitors screen when using their laptop at home.

When looking for standalone cheap computer monitors for your laptop, cheap is good. I does not mean cheaply made but it does mean low cost and discounted.  You have already invested enough money in your laptop. So don't break your bank over a computer monitor.

Cool Tip: A Cheap LCD monitor is good if the computer monitor has high quality and is low cost. Bargains are out there to be found.

Cool Tip: Check out the Tips and Tricks for buy a laptop.

Cool Tip: Larger LCD monitors provide less eye strain. Your face muscles will also feel less strain. You will feel more relax in front of your computer with a bigger LCD monitor.





 Cheap computer monitors are easy to find. But finding good quality cheap computer monitors takes a little bit more work. I know that you want it to be low priced but you also want it to be of good quality. You sure would be mad if it stop working after a week.

I am here to help you find a good cheap computer monitor. One that will act as a standalone monitor for your laptop computer. This way you can relax your eyes when working on your laptop at home. 

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When looking for a standalone computer monitor, a lot of money can be saved if you choose the right cheap computer monitor. So let us take a look at more than just the screen size. 

cheap computer monitors

First don't let all these computer monitors specifications spook you too much. When you are looking for cheap computer monitors, there will be a lot of confusing numbers and terms, such as: 85Hz Resolution, 85Hz Refresh Rate, .28 Dot Pitch and 22" Monitor size.  They are important but I will tell you about them in non confusing words.  So don't worry, I will be brief. 


Types of cheap computer monitors

CRT computer monitor, cathode ray tube.  This technology has been used in most televisions and computer display screens since the 1950's.  You see less and less of them as the LCD liquid crystal display technology screens have begun to take over.  They are heavy and take up a lot of desk space.  Not popular.  Not Recommended.

LCD computer monitor , liquid crystal display.  This technology has been around since the 1970's. It is now used for computer monitors and televisions.  You see them everywhere now.  They are light weight and take up less desk space than a CRT monitor.  Very popular. Highly Recommended.

Discover all about computer monitor features and what the specifications really mean to you on the next page.


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