Desktop Computers and Cheap Computers

 Perhaps you have been looking at cheap computers or cheap computer desktops lately.  Cheap computers exist in computer desktops too.  Maybe you already have a cheap laptop computer  and now you are interested in a cheap desktop computer. A desktop PC with high performance and low cost.

Let us have a brief look at desktop computers.  Desktop computers can be seen and refer to as the home PC in many homes.  The first computer that ever existed in most houses was the desktop PC.  For many years, desktop computers were far cheaper to own than laptop computers.  These days desktop computers and laptops are comparable in price.  Both desktop computers and laptops dual exist within homes and offices.

Desktop computers are available in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from small form factor models to the large vertical towers. Unlike laptop computers, most desktop computers have their keyboards, mouse and LCD display screens separated from the base cpu case.  Either wirelessly or by hard wires.

Cheap Computers - Cheap Desktop ComputersCool Tip: Some new computer desktops can cost upwards into the thousands of dollars.  Now here is what is really neat.  You do not need to spend thousands on a desktop computer to perform email, internet surfing and word processing. 


Cheap Computers - Cheap Desktop Computers  Let us take a look at some features that desktop computers have over laptops

  • You can get spare parts, replacement parts and upgraded parts at low prices.  They are for the most part standardised.
  • Computer desktops can be customized fairly easy because of the wide spread availability of standardised low cost parts.
  • Most people can install there own memory upgrade or hard drive upgrade without any formal training.
  • Desktop computers rarely have any heat cooling issues.  Plenty of space inside the case allows for good cooling air flow.
  • No battery that needs recharging.  It is always plugged into an A/C home or office outlet.
  • Desktop computers are more cost effective.  You can upgrade parts in desktop computers.  Like a CPU, motherboard, memory, hard drive and new upgrades as they come out.  This means a desktop computer is more likely to be kept and used for many years in the home or office.


I personally like having two cheap computer laptops, along with one of the cheap computer desktops for my everyday needs.  A great basic desktop PC in my home office is what I normally use most of the time while at home.  I use my laptop whenever I am mobile and on the move.