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Some Laptop Computer Articles

 That I Wrote (Part 2)

Cheap Laptops, Man's Best Friend  Part 2


Always know your habits and correlate these with the laptop breed you are interested in as your new companion. If you are someone who is interested in hours and hours of playful enjoyment, than pick a laptop breed that loves to play. Not one that just goes for a walk or goes to work with you. Pick a smart breed that can remember a lot of things (fast cpu, lots of memory and big size hard drive storage) and will provide lots of play time.

Take a week to review your potential commitment. Be sure you are able to feed and shelter your "Man's Best Friend" with love. Make sure that you want and can care properly for a laptop, and, if after a week you feel you can, then start your new companionship!(purchase your laptop)

Remember, a laptop is only as smart as you are. So teach it to sit, run, lay down, play dead and above all, to work and play with you. Be sure to take your new companion for long walks, on the way to and from work. This way you will have many joyful hours of loveable companionship with your new found friend! Hey, your laptop is now the worlds newest "Man's Best Friend"!

I hope you enjoyed reading this humorous side of laptop computers.





Colored Laptops With Style

Give Me Color Or Else!

Colored Laptops Site LogoI want color!  I want colored Laptops!  You heard me!  What part did you not understand ?  Sorry, for being so up-front and in your face but I can not stand carrying around  a plain looking black laptop.  Especially one that looks just like everyone else's. 


I am talking about bright beautiful color like Orange, Red, Blue, Green and yes even Pink colored laptops.  No more Black or Grey!  I have just got to say, out with the black and grey and in with the colors of life.  Even cheap laptops come in colored pink laptops.  Let us live a little people.  Life is just too short to have unattractive and boring colored laptops.  Maybe one of the pink laptops being sold could be just up your alley. One that would fit your personal life style.

Have you ever noticed when you walk around the office or around your campus dorm that whenever you see a laptop it is a military grey or black?  Hey, I am not in the military where one color fits all.  Not that there is any thing wrong with the military. What ever happened to the concept of your personal laptop.  There is nothing that speaks about personal in a black or grey laptop!

Now look around the office, the dorm or the classroom.  See if you can spot some colored laptops.  The odds are very good that it took you only about a second to locate one.  Why was that so easy?  You know the answer, it was a colored laptop.  Smart looking colored laptops are easy to pick out of a crowd.  The owner of that unique color laptop computer does not have to yell out loud "THIS IS MY PERSONAL COLORED LAPTOP, GO BUY YOUR OWN"!  You do see my point about owning one of the many personal colored laptops being sold today?

A colored laptop is a powerful and potent style statement that says to everyone, "Look At Me....I Am The Coolest"!  So the next time you go shopping for a laptop why not look at some of the colored laptops instead of the plain boring black or grey ones.  Hey, you might even consider purchasing one of the pink laptops that are for sale by many manufacturers today.   This way you can walk around carrying your new colored laptops and say without speaking, "Look At Me...I Am the Coolest"!


Dress For Success With Colorful Laptop Covers

You might see a color laptop computer as part of your dress code for your business meeting . Or even while sitting at your favorite local Starbucks coffee table. Dress for success with a color laptop computer might just give you the edge on sealing a big business deal. But the wrong colored laptops computer that does not match your cloths colors will just look odd and you may even lose your big business deal over it. Even before you had a chance to make your sales speech. That would be a bummer.

No business deal, no money, no food.  What to do? You could leave your red color laptop computer at the office or don't bother to take it which would certainly not be practical most of the time. Colorful laptop covers to the rescue. That is right. You can actually buy a laptop cover in any color you would like, to match any color cloths your are wearing. Now you can dress to impress and for success along with your colored laptop computer. Is this the coolest thing or what? So go out and buy four or five different laptop colored covers and look the coolest!  



My Laptop Was Stolen


I had a laptop stolen about a year ago during a business trip.  I was in my hotel room typing on my notebook when I suddenly realized the lateness of the evening.  I was already late for a date with a long time friend.   I jumped up, grabbed my keys and rushed out of the hotel to pick her up.  The date turned out absolutely great.  However, when I arrived back at my hotel room the next morning, my door was slightly open.

My first thought was, room service was doing their thing.  But to my surprise the room was empty.  I quickly realized when I had rushed out of my room last night, I had failed to completely shut my hotel room door tight.  Well, needless to say, my laptop computer was stolen along with some cloths and a few bucks off the top of my dresser.  I felt sick at the bottom of my stomach.  I had some important business files on the laptop.  But lucky for me, I had a good backup of my data on an external USB flash drive attached to my key ring.  My normal scheduled data backup was performed only a day prior to my trip. I felt a little better but really stupid.

I had lost a very expensive laptop, that was less than a year old.  I was out a good $1500.00 dollars for the laptop. I called the police and made out a police report.  Hotel management expressed concern and assured me they would look into it.  I have not heard from them since.

A few days had gone by before my mind had started to settle down over the lost laptop.  I began thinking about what I could do to prevent this from happening again.  I searched the Internet for some possible solutions.  What I found was a laptop lock under laptop computer security.  A really simple and straight forward solution.  Lock up my laptop with a security lock when ever I left it sitting alone and unguarded.

There was just no way I could watch my laptop 24 hours a day during my daily travels. I looked at several laptops locks from many stores.  I decided on one that gave me the best theft protection for my money.  Today I have several laptop locks.  I carry one around with me in my laptop case to be used on trips. A few more securing a laptop at home and in my office. (goto next page for part 2)

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