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More Cool Gadgets 

Cool gadgets - High tech gadgetsHave you ever looked for a mobile mouse that will work good with your laptop computer?  Well here is a pretty neat one to consider.Cool Gadgets Elecom M-D13UR series laser mouse can change to a three dimensional form. Sounds interesting right?  It does at that. It is a wireless mouse with the FH-SS system of 2.4GHz allowing approximately 10m operation.  The laser beam of non-visible light gives the M-D13UR a high accuracy performance.  The back of the mouse can rotate 180 degrees creating more natural angle when use at a desk or a flatter surface.  I have tried this out and I like the way it just fits nicely in my hand.  It not only functions well but it also fits nicely into my laptop case as well.


Cool gadgets - High tech gadgetsHere is a very unusual cool gadget.  It is called the eGo.  Iomega's eGo is a portable hard drive that just happens to be camouflaged in Cameo.  If you like to wear camouflage clothing or like to go hunting or backpacking than this just might appeal to you.  Hey, it might even make a great gift for fathers day or someone's birthday.  It might be a welcome addition to their camouflaged laptop computer.

Iomega eGo Cool GadgetsThis portable hard drive gives you 250GB of disk storage in a nice curved chassis cover with a woodland camouflage pattern design.  It requires no power supply since it draws power from the computers USB port that it plugs into.  This little baby from Iomega is built totally for portability and fun.  Iomega has even added its Dropguard technology to protect it from drops up to 51 inches.  So take the eGo out for a nice weekend of backpacking and have some storage when you need it the most.  I personally have always liked Iomega products over the years because they hold up and last for years!



Cool gadgets - High tech gadgetsI kind of like this ideal. It is called a Cricket Laptop Stand. They have maded it both portable and fully adjustable, so it will also allow for a great amount of cooling for your hot overworked laptop. Hey, it even folds to a pocket or bag size to boot! It does not look like much but what you don't see is cool to me!







Cool gadgets - High tech gadgetsNow here is a really usefull gadget. It may not be the coolest gadget but I have found it to be so usefull I had to show it to you. Why? Because I am always running out of USB ports on my laptop computer.

It seems that I always have at least four USB devices plug into my laptop USB ports. Hence, I run out of ports all the time. I only have 4 USB ports on my laptop computer. But not anymore. I recently bought this cool and totally awesome USB hub and wanted to tell you about it.

If you are running out of USB Ports, than look no further. I found a solution for you.

It is the D-Link DUB-H7 portable USB hub port solution. It has a really nice small footprint that is just right for laptops. It will give you 7 additional USB ports on top of your laptops 4 ports, so you can have a total 11 ports. If you need more you are crazier than me. Now here is the really cool thing about this little gem of a needs no power source and requires no configuration. Is that cool or what? By the way...... sorry for the poor picture but it is all I could get my hands on at this time.


D-Link DUB-H7 7-Port USB Hub

D-Link DUB-H7 7-Port USB Hub

Running out of USB Ports? Look no further. The D-Link DUB-H7 is a portable solution to your problems. It allows for up to 7 additional USB ports for your system. Needing no power source, the DUB-H7 is a great and inexpensive way to increase the USB ports on a computer. Its size and lack of a power supply make it extremely portable and easy to move from computer to computer or take on the road. D-Link DUB-H7 7-Port USB Hub (Mail In Rebate $10.00 Expires 10/31/2008)




Cool gadgets - High tech gadgetsOk now here is something on the fun side of cool computer gadets.  What about getting rid of that boring computer mouse of yours.  Get yourself a mouse with an aquarium inside of it. And yes they do actually swim around as you move the mouse.  Is that not the coolest mouse talk that you have heard of in a while?  Hey, buy two and have fish mouse twins.  I did, one for me and one for my wife.

They are both PC and Mac compatible too.


I hope you enjoyed checking out these cool gadgets.  I will placed some more up here on my site as I personally buy and check them out for myself.




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