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Look Out For the China EBay Scam

7) Here is a very important warning. There is a scam on EBay with USB flash drives that are being sold from China at very low prices. They claim to be selling you a 16gb or even a 32gb flash drive that is really a 8gb. They have reprogrammed the drive via software to report 16gb or 32gb storage space. So if the price looks to good to be true, move on to another vendor.



8) Ever notice that sometimes you have a different drive letter for your flash drive every time you plug it into your PC ? Would like the same drive letter every time you plug it into your computer ? Of course you would. Here is how to make that happen.

Plug your drive into your computer USB port.

Open your Control Panel

Open Administrator Tools

Open Computer Management

Open Disk Management

Right click on your USB drive letter

Scroll down the menu and select Change Drive Letter and Paths

Now change the drive letter to something that you normally would not use. Like drive letter S: and click Ok. Now every time your insert that USB drive device it will always come up as drive S:. You can do this for each USB flash drive device you have. Just assign a different drive letter to each one. That's it.


USB Jump Drives - Flash drives - Thumb DrivesUSB Jump Drives are also called by other names as well like: flash drives, key drives, USB drives, thumb drives, key chain memory drives and pen drives.


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