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How to clean your laptop (Part 2)


computer. By the way, this cleaning mix solution is great for any type of electronic device. It will evaporate quicker than any other solution mix and never leaves behind any residue. How cool is that? You sure don't want to have to clean the cleaner off after cleaning.

  Lets Start Cleaning That Laptop

Start with the outer case of your laptop. Wipe it off with your damp cloth. Get that first layer of dried-on dirt off the top, bottom and especially the side edges where your hands normally sit. Don't forget to get the front and back edges too. Now move on to the LCD screen and gently clean it with a clean cloth. Never press too hard on the LCD screen so as to avoid any LCD damage. Move on to the keyboard and give it a good wipe down with your damp cloth.



Now this is what I like to do. With your laptop opened up, turn your laptop upside down and gently shake any dirt crumbs out from between the keyboard keys.

Cleaning Prevention

One of the best ways to cut down on how often you have to clean your laptop is dirt prevention. Try not touching your laptop screen with your fingers. It just causes dirty finger prints. If you have to sneeze or cough, turn your head away from your laptop. Ok, here is a tough one to keep in mind, don't eat food around your laptop. For me that is tough, cause I like to eat!

Try not to touch your laptop screen. Turn your head when you sneeze. Don't eat food excessively near your laptop.



What Not To Do and Use

Never use anything that can produce static electricity. Don't use a woolen cloth or a household duster stick that is used to dust off your furniture. The last thing you want to do is to electrically short out your laptop computer by cleaning it. Some people like to use there vacuum cleaner to suck up those little crumbs of crackers and cookies that get between your keyboard keys. Don't do it! A vacuum cleaner is a great way to have a few keyboard keys go missing real fast. And remember to stay way from using any harsh detergents for cleaning.


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