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Coolest Laptop Cooling Fans (Part2)


Laptop Cooling Fans - Computer fanWhat you really might want to look into is some well made secondary cooling fans for your laptop/notebook. These laptop cooling fans are provided as external secondary cooling for your laptop or notebook. They do not replace your existing laptop cooling  components like your case fan, CPU fan or any motherboard heatsinks. They simply add extra cooling on top of your existing laptop cooling from external laptop cooling fans.


Some of these secondary cooling fans are supplied as USB powered notebook stands with two or more cooling fans built into laptop stand. You get both a laptop adjustable stand to take the strain off your shoulders and neck, plus you get some great secondary laptop cooling. And if that was not enough you also get some extra built-in USB ports with it too.

They also make a laptop cooling pad. It attaches to the bottom of your laptop case. They work well on your table or desk. They provide good laptop cooling but do seem to make it hard to use your laptop while sitting on the sofa. But they do provide good airflow cooling. Another alternate to the laptop cooling pad would be the laptop cooling lounge by Belkin




Laptop Cooling Fans - Computer fanCool Tip: No matter who you are, if you own a laptop/notebook computer it is a excellent idea to think about investing in a secondary laptop cooling fan or pad.


Vantec LPC-430 Notebook Cooler   
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