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  Hard Drive Back Up

Hard drive back up - Backup for Windows XP - System recovery windows xpIf you have a laptop than you need a hard drive back up for it.  A hard drive back up is a must have item for anyone who owns a computer.  A weekly hard drive back up can save you from going crazy.  Please don't leave home without a hard drive back up.  Read my "O Grap" story below and on the next few pages.

Here is a short story about how a hard drive back up saved my butt the other day.  It was around 9:00 a.m. in the morning and I was typing steadily on my laptop computer.  I was working hard as usual to complete a class paper on the Evolution of Chipmunks.  I had been working on it during the night and wanted to see if I could get it completed, before having to go about my day.


I know, Chipmunks of all creatures to be doing a class paper on, but they are actually very interesting creatures. You should really read about them sometime when you have a chance. They are the coolest!

Cool Tip:  Do a weekly backup of your important document files.  Set up automatic document backups so you don't have to remember to do them.

Cool Tip: Protect your hard drive backups. Keep your hard drive backups in a safe and secure place.




Watch video on how to do data backups: 'How To Use Windows Backup'  

If you are unable to watch this HOW TO video, you will need to download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player plugin.  It is safe and virus free to do so. 

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Hard drive back up - Backup for Windows XP - System recovery windows xpCool Site: A excellent source to learn about how to use Backup for Windows XP is at DIY Computer Repair. Where you will find a good step by step explanation along with screen shots.

Anyway, to continue, while I was typing away on my keyboard I started to hear an unusual low humming noise coming from my laptop computer.  At first I just ignore it, because I was so deep into thought on my paper, about the evolution of chipmunks.  This humming noise went on for a good 10 minutes and than came the high pitch grinding noise, that immediately grabbed my full attention.  I knew what was about to happen!  A crash and burn!


My fear was confirmed when I started to receive several I/O read/write error messages on my Windows screen.  My laptop hard drive was about to experience a quick and hard death.  I thought to myself this can not be happening.  No, Not Now!  Than I remembered that my daily hard drive backup had completed successfully last night.  Wow! Was I happy that I had set up an automatic hard drive backup routine to be done on a nightly schedule. 

I started to calm down and relax.  I was in good shape.  I had used the built-in Microsoft Backup for Windows XP program, that comes with Microsoft Windows to perform my hard drive back up.  It was free and now was saving me from valuable hours of data lost.


The most I would loose would be a few words on my paper that I had typed this morning and.... (continues on Part 2)  



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