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Notebook Computer Security

Notebook computer security - Laptop LocksWhen was the last time you thought about notebook computer security?  Perhaps you thought about it recently and that is why you are reading this page.  Good for you!  Notebook computer security is not just about some computer geek hacking into your computer and stealing your identity and your bank account numbers.  It is also about your actual laptop being stolen right out of your hotel room, your office, your dorm room and at your favorite coffee shop.

Cool Tip: Protecting your laptop from theft is one of the smartest and easiest things you can do for your laptop computer.


Someone does not have to hack into your computer while surfing the Internet, to steal your identity, they can just steal your notebook when you leave it unguarded.  This is where a notebook computer security cable with a lock can help prevent this from happening.  If you leave your notebook alone, lock it down tight with a laptop lock.  Don't make it easy for someone to walk way with your laptop and steal your identity or your financial information. Lock it down!  You might want to really take a good look at a Kensington Lock and LoJack that I highly recommend.  It is the one I personally use on my laptop computers.


One of the easiest ways to protect your notebook against theft is with a well made computer laptop lock and security cable.  If you plan to leave your notebook unguarded at anytime during your daily activities, lock it up with a notebook computer security cable.  Lock it to a desk, lock it to a pole, lock it to a car seat.  No matter where you go, you could even lock it to your laptop case.

Just don't leave it in a unlocked room even with a security cable and lock. Never give a thief an invitation to steal your valuable notebook. Remember, your laptop is storing your life story and all the details about it, on its hard drive storage device.



Watch video 'How To Track A Stolen Laptop Computer' 

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If you have ever had anything stolen, you certainly know how it feels when it is gone. You think to yourself afterwards, I should have done this or only if I had done that! As a laptop owner, here is your chance to prevent that terrible feeling from happening again. A notebook computer security cable lock is the easiest and best way to help prevent your notebook from being stolen. They do not cost much. They secure your notebook. And did I mention they help prevent it from being stolen.   What more could you ask for?  Just do it!  Trust me, you will sleep better at night. I highly recommend investing a small amount of money in a good laptop lock now! 



Notebook computer security - Laptop LocksCool Tip:  Remember that the weakest part in any lock is the weakest link in the cable or chain. Always try to get the thickest cable lock you can. 

Read "My Story" on the next page, to learn what happen to me in real life.....This is a no joke story about my laptop being stolen.



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