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 Wireless Internet For Laptops

Wireless Internet for laptops - 802.11gTravel by car, bike, plane, train, or even by ship and you will be provided wireless Internet for laptops, by just about any establishment.  Hotel, Restaurant or your local coffee shop will gladly provide it and will normally cost you nothing.  That is absolutely right, free wireless Internet for laptops.  So you can travel the Internet anytime, anyplace from the comfort of your favorite warm and cozy chair.  Whether you need to check your email, download files for your next meeting, listen to some music on ITunes or just surf the Internet.  It has never been a better time to go wireless.  Pricing for wireless Internet access has begun to be as reasonable as cable connections.  That is if you think cable connections (wired networks) is reasonable of course.

Starting in spring of 2008 you can get complimentary WiFi from Starbucks for free.  All you need to do is register your Starbucks Card and use it at least once a month, you'll receive two consecutive hours a day of complimentary WiFi, courtesy of AT&T.  Now that is what I call the coolest hot coffee in town.  So you can guest where I will be for my hot coffee and free complimentary WiFi access to the Internet.  And by the way you can also download music to your IPod Touch via ITunes at Starbucks.  For me, coffee and wireless Internet for laptops go together just like beer and pizza...ummm...good.


Wireless Internet for laptops - 802.11gOk now for some technical stuff about wireless Internet for laptops.  First what is wireless?  You already knew that it meant no wires, but how does it work?  Normally all you will need is a small PCI card or USB card that has all the necessary electronic guts to do wireless networking.  It is nomally called a high speed 802.11g 54mps wireless notebook card.  The card goes into a PCI or USB slot on the side of your laptop.  Perform the necessary wireless network configuration setup within Windows or your MAC laptop and you are ready to surf the Internet without wires.  Well, almost that is.  In order to surf the Internet wirelessly you will need access to a wireless network. 

This either needs to be already setup in your home or you will need to install one. Or you just need to be closeby a wireless Internet network provider who will let you use their wireless Internet for laptops free.  As I mention at the top of this article a good place to find one is in just about any establishment these days.  All you have to do is just ask and they will normally be happy to tell you how to connect.  For FREE.



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