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An internet firewall, do you need one? Yes.  Firewalls protect you from internet intrusions and stop computer programs from accessing the internet without your permission. There are some  free firewalls that cost you nothing and give you great internet protection.  Firewalls help protect you from spyware, malware, viruses, spam and identity theft. 

free firewalls spam blocker  Cool Tip: Firewalls protect you from the cold damaging elements of the internet.

Today, when you access the internet you need protection.  Look at it this way, you would not go outside in blistering cold weather without a coat right?  So look at a personal PC firewall as a warm coat to protect you from the cold damaging elements of internet browsing. 

 Numerous programs that you install on your PC, will also install spyware along with their programs.  This way they are able to track your internet browsing habits, collect personal private information and send this information back to their internet databases.  They than use and sell your private information to businesses.  Without a firewall installed on your PC, this is easy for them to do. 

A firewall installed on your PC will help protect you from having this happen.  It will warn you when one of these spyware programs is attempting to access the internet to send this kind of information.  At this point you are able to identify the spyware program and denied it internet access through your internet firewall.


Internet firewalls come in two flavors.  Software based or hardware based.  Software firewalls normally come installed with most operating systems.  However, these only provide you with minimum protection. You should always upgrade to a more rebusted firewall program like the free firewall by ZoneAlarm or Comodo Internet Security.  They are free firewalls and give you greatly increased internet intrusion protection over the free one that is installed on your operating system.

 If you have installed a internet home network, you have installed a internet hardware router aswell.  Most internet hardware routers have a internet firewall installed in them to protect you from internet intrusions.  Be sure to go into the hardware router configuration and make sure that it is enable and that the configuration is customized for your home network. 

Something that most people do not know is that routers do not come with network encryption enable.  You need to manually enable this protection feature to ensure that your neighbors can not access your internet service for free.  Believe me when I tell you that your neighbors will try to steal your open non-encrypted internet service! So please enable your security. 

Hey, by the way, did you know that is listed in the free Pegasus Directory under mobile computing.  Good place to find even more out about firewalls.

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